Who Are Sri Lankan Muslims?

Think you can recognise a Sri Lankan Muslim by dress or language? Think again. Almost one-tenth of Sri Lankan population is Muslim. And although some people mistakenly believe that all Sri Lankan Muslims are Tamil speaking business people, that is only one part of the Muslim population.

Sri Lankan Muslims come in many races and colours, are found in all professions and walks of life, and have made significant contributions to every field of human endeavour since the beginning of Muslims in this country, from commerce, science, and mathematics to arts and the humanities.

Muslims are found everywhere in this nation and they are establishing a growing presence in this country.
In today’s Digital Age,’ there is no place on Sri Lanka that they are not making an impact. Furthermore, despite media bias, the vast majority of Muslims belong to stable, loving families, and have nothing to do with terrorism or other acts of violence.

Sri Lankan Muslims faith is based in a Higher Power, the Gracious Lord and Creator of the Universe, without family or partners, called ‘Allah’. They prefer to use the Arabic word Allah for God, because it has no plural, feminine or diminutive form that could be associated with idolatry (i.e. gods, goddesses or ‘demi-gods’). Although Allah is referred to as ‘He’ it is understood that God is Self-Sufficient, and transcends both duality and gender; the 99 Names of Allah mentioned in the Qur’an contain ‘feminine’ attributes (such as the Compassionate) as well as ‘masculine’ ones (i.e. the Almighty). Allah is Merciful and Just, All-Knowing and All-Seeing, Friend and Guide, and the only one worthy of our worship and devotion.

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